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Wednesday 20 May 2015

Sustainable Development News

köpa Viagra på gatan Sustainable development news from around the world with a focus on Australia and New Zealand.
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navigate here Ma Jun: China has reached its environmental tipping point
It was almost 20 years ago that Ma Jun sat and watched the rainbow-coloured River Fen, in Shanxi province … In the last few years, officials have belatedly acknowledged the crisis with a series of reports. The findings confirmed Ma and other environmentalists’ worst fears. One-fifth of farmland is too polluted to grow crops, nearly 60% of groundwater is unfit for human use and air pollution is 20 times the recommended safe levels. The human cost of this damage has been devastating: huge swaths of productive arable land taken out of food production over fears of rice contaminated with heavy metals, more than 450 so-called “cancer villages” where untreated or mistreated chemicals have polluted local communities, choking levels of air pollution causing underweight babies, rising levels of lung cancer and a decline in male fertility… Energy and Climate Change

correlation between stocks and forex Report: U.S. No. 1 in Clean Tech Innovation, But Lags in Reducing GHGs
The United States leads the world in clean tech investments, patents, renewable energy generation and electric vehicle (EV) adoption, but still is slow to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new ranking by Next 10. Over the last two decades, however, the U.S. has become more energy productive, using less energy per dollar of GDP generated. The go here Green Innovation Index, International Edition charts country GDP, emissions, energy productivity, renewable energy generation, clean tech investments and other key metrics. In advance of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris this year, the report for the first time analyzes and ranks the economic and energy performance of the world’s 50 largest greenhouse gas emitting nations.

my site Tasmania looks to EVs as next step to 100% renewable energy
Tasmania is looking closely at electric vehicles to take the next step towards 100 per cent renewable energy – both electricity and transport – and boost the state’s strategic advantage as a clean energy manufacturing hub. The state government recently released its energy vision for the next 20 years, titled Tasmania’s Energy Strategy, Restoring Tasmania’s energy advantage” Unlike the federal equivalent, the energy white paper, it did not focus on fossil fuels – Tasmania hasn’t much to speak of – but it did look to profit from its major natural resources, renewable energy in the form of hydro, wind and even solar. Ten reasons why burning native forests for electricity should not be included in the RET
Here are ten reasons why so-called ‘biomass’ has no place in Australia’s Renewable Energy Target.

iqoptio com Karl Ove Knausgaard condemns Norway’s Arctic oil plans
Norway’s best-known author has lashed out at “the shortsightedness and stupidity” of plans to expand oil exploration into the Arctic, as campaigners prepare to sue the government for placing future generations at risk from climate change. Karl Ove Knausgaard, whose bestselling memoir has been a global literary sensation, is fronting a campaign to mount a legal challenge against moves by Norway to open up the Arctic to oil companies.

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