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Friday 31 October 2014

Sustainable Development News Latest sustainable development news from Australia and around the world.
Sign up to the newsletter if you would like the news direct to your inbox each weekday morning.\\'ÃÂÂàTop Story IPCC preparing ‘most important’ document on climate change Scientists and officials are meeting in Denmark to edit what’s been termed the “most important document” on climate change. The IPCC Synthesis Report will summarise the causes and impacts of – and solutions to – rising temperatures. It will be the bedrock of talks on a new global climate deal. But there are concerns that political battles could neuter the final summary. Over the past 13 months, the IPCC has released three major reports on the physical science, the impacts and the potential methods of dealing with climate change. On Sunday they will release the Synthesis Report. This new study is meant to take the most important elements of all three and blend them into something new. It is not meant to be a cut-and-paste exercise.

köp Viagra anonymt Energy and Climate Change Why uncontrolled climate change may be an ultimate limit to growth
“But who do you think’s right, Prof? The optimists or the pessimists?” At the end of my sustainability economics course in 2007, students were challenging me to end 20 years of professional fence-sitting. My whiteboard showed two graphs with contradictory messages about the long-run, environmental sustainability of global industrial development, the big question that’s nagged me ever since teenage exposure to Paul Ehrlich’s Population-Bomb eco-doomsterism. After much wrestling with the contradictions, I and my colleague Paul Burke have come up with a qualified answer: sustainability is possible over the next century, but only if we control climate change. The results were published this month in Ecological Economics. 27% target for energy efficiency isn’t just unambitious; it’s unhelpful (Opinion)
As I put back my clocks last weekend I couldn’t help wishing it were always that easy to turn back time. If it were, I’d be rewinding to the beginning of last week, before political leaders agreed their disappointingly low 27% target for energy efficiency improvements. As a business leader I understand how to create markets and demand, which is why Kingfisher has been lobbying hard for that energy efficiency target to be binding and at least 40%. Environment and Biodiversity

Order 20 MG Tastylia Tadalafil Oral Strips Online Friends of Grasslands celebrate 20 years of protecting and restoring remnants of the grassy ecosystem that once dominated the Canberra region
It is hard to imagine now but much of south eastern Australia was once covered in a carpet of native grasses and colourful wildflowers where insects buzzed and tiny animals sheltered. Friends of Grasslands is a volunteer community group established in the ACT in 1994 to protect and restore the small, isolated patches remaining and to spread the message about the importance of these areas. “In this region there’s probably something like 600 native species that occur in grasslands,” said president Sarah Sharp, standing amidst the native grasses at Yarramundi Reach near Lake Burley Griffin. “So it’s [an] extremely rich community.”

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Australian scientists say they have successfully tested a vaccine aimed at protecting wild koalas from chlamydia. The disease has ravaged the native marsupial, which is under increasing threat. Microbiologists in Queensland now hope to protect some of the remaining population after successfully trialling a vaccine developed over five years. Koala numbers have plummeted in recent years and there are believed to be as few as 43,000 left in the wild. In some areas, numbers have dropped by as much as 80% in the past 10 years.

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