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Happy Holidays.

I’m taking an extended break over the holiday season and will be back with the Sustainable Development News in 2015.  Have a happy and safe break… and try not to succumb to the consumption hype.  Here are some news stories on more thoughtful ways to celebrate the silly season.

Sam Judd: Responsible giving
Here we go again. Carols blaring through the radio, loads of useless plastic junk being bought, wrapped and discarded. Hams, turkeys, the beach, the bach, and the barbecue are the parts I prefer. While malls are filling with wary Christmas shoppers, I thought I would compile a list of ideas for gifts that will have less impact on your wallet and the planet.

Sustainable Christmas gift ideas
Christmas doesn’t have to be a time of wasteful excess. To help make the gift buying process a little easier, we’ve put together a catalogue featuring some of our members [at the Sustainable Business Network, NZ] and the great products they have to offer.

13 slow fashion gifts for men and women
Slow fashion is emerging as one of the best solutions to the many problems associated with the culture of disposable fashion. Similar to slow food, slow fashion embraces thoughtful and enduring designs, transparent production and sustainable materials. It means owning fewer, better things. The gifts we suggest here are meant to be useful and beautiful, practical and long-lasting.

Give a Gift, Save the World: The SB 2014 Holiday Gift Guide
Gifts for our loved ones that also help repurpose waste, benefit people in need, get back to basics, and even possibly help to save the planet … How is that not a win-win? Here are just a few of our favorite innovative, socially and environmentally beneficial gift ideas that will help you truly celebrate this season of giving.

Have yourself a sustainable little Christmas
Some do’s and don’ts for a green holiday… The season for giving easily can become the season of waste. Today’s Christmas gift may be tomorrow’s clutter. Old electronics are abandoned for the latest must-have gadget. If you fight with your spouse every year about whether to buy a real or artificial tree, we have some advice for how to keep the annual frenzy of consumption to saner levels.

15 Affordable Green Gifts Under US$50
Want to get your friends and family great green gifts but don’t have a lot to spend? Our 2014 Gifts Under US$50 Guide is chock full of interesting, eco-friendly and off-the-beaten path presents everyone will love. From this cool cutter that turns old bottles into glasses to a handmade scarf that doubles as a purse to a handy kit that lets you can your own food at home, check out all of the affordable gift ideas in our guide here.

Your circular economy inspired Christmas gifts – share a picture
Are you a dab hand at creative upholstery using recycled materials? Really good at making handbags out of hardcover books?  The circular economy – in which no material is considered waste, but something to be re-used, repurposed or recycled – is the sustainable alternative to the ‘take, make and dispose’ economy that is pushing dangerously at our planet’s boundaries.  During this season of giving and receiving, we’d like to see your best efforts at creating a circular economy gift.


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