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T-Shirts by A Life of Contradictions

100% organic cotton, fair wear, low carbon, thought provoking

T-shirts by A Life of Contradictions

I am very excited to bring you a range of absolutely gorgeous t-shirts, designed specifically with the ethical consumer in mind.  Consumption without that guilty feeling.

If you are concerned about ethically produced products, you can now literally make a statement with a quality 100% certified organic cotton, fair wear, low carbon fashion t-shirt.  Or the perfect gift for someone you care about that cares for our future.  Plain t-shirts available or printed in four designs, made to make you think.

When you purchase a t-shirt, you are helping the environment and society by creating a demand for ethical products while still supporting the economy.

Take back your power as a consumer and take pride in your decision to buy better products.

You can influence what quotes appear on the t-shirts by voting here for your favourite quote.  I use this information to print the most popular quotes.  If you have other favourites of your own please post your suggestion in the comments below.

All printed tees are AU$29.95 and plain tees $19.95.  Contact me for sizes and colours.  I don’t have an online shop set up yet so please email Rochelle[at]


100% organic cotton

Made from certified organic Indian cotton, the entire production process is controlled and certified in accordance with the latest version of GOTS.


Verified ethical manufacture

Subject to an annual audit in order to maintain membership, your t-shirt is sweat shop free.


90% reduced carbon footprint

Made in facilities powered by renewable energy and made from low impact, organic cotton, your t-shirt has significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions.


Eco-friendly ink

Printing uses 100% solvent free, water based, inks that are VOC free and contain no hydrocarbons, PVC resin or phthalate plasticiser.


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