You don’t have to be as obsessed as I am about doing the right thing all the time; you’ll inevitably come unstuck at some point (as I do all the time, part of a life of contradictions). There are just too many decisions to make when shopping to be able to make judgements on the absolutely best product. For example, you might choose an organic product but what if the workers who produced it were not treated fairly. Or you might support local producers but are their farming practices sustainable? It’s very hard to know all the variables.

I am hopeful that these resources will help you understand a bit about sustainable development issues, why you need to think about them when choosing products and how you can go about using your consumer power to create a demand for goods and services that are more sustainable.


That’s it for now… my website is pretty new so please visit again to check for more resources.¬† If you have a particular area you would like to know about, please post in the comments.


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